I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas or at least those of you that celebrated Christmas .

When you received the presents that you wanted did you even have that single thought of saying thank you or at least appreciating them ?

But the truth is you get more happiness when you give instead of receive something .

Anyway , as you all know today is Boxing Day and lots of people , including me , have gone out shopping as all the shops and stores are putting sale items in stock or reducing prices on current items.

As my family and I set out we thought our journey would only last an our or so but we were wrong .
To our surprise it lasted four and a half hours due to the traffic !!!

While I waited in my car , moving a couple of inches every minute or so, I thought about a very famous phrase , ” patience is virtue ”
I wondered if for my patience I would be rewarded in some way .

And it turns out that I was , for I had a magnificent time !

So if you have patience and can take the endurance , then you should know that in the end there will be a reward , but you must be worthy of the reward and must not do it for the reward.

Remember , “Patience is virtue ”



Deep within….

The true quality is buried ever so deep within you that it has a layer of fright wrapped around,but when you rip your way out of that layer,your skill,your talent shall out rule everything.

Every person has that wow factor, but in most people’s case it’s been lost.

To find it you must search high and low, in and out, everywhere and anywhere .

Inspiration is set out for YOU to find .

Each and every thought that you think is worth so much more than expected,just express it.

It only takes a simple gesture to change you , your personality.

Create your identity , do not let out be created for you.

A single idea , a spark could trigger at any moment .

Be proud , be sure , be the person that YOU want to be and make sure to use that mind of yours, but put your heart into it.



I am sure most of you have heard the news that in Newton , Conneticut , USA in school called Sandy Hook elementary school 20 children and 6 adults were shot dead.

Right  now in USA it’s a very big matter yet it’s not the first of its kind.      

President Obama says that most of the victims were between 5-10 years old .

Although I am at home watching this horror on TV , I still feel as if I am there, stuck in the crime scene.

Just imagine , all those vulnerable children , starting of their day, only to hear gunshots and for some children that was their last moment.

Parents of those 20 dead children waiting outside of school only to find a police officer telling them their precious children were shot dead.

But even the surviving children were scared and the moment their teachers lead them outside their mothers and fathers full heartedly embraced them fear resembling to their children’s .

Nearly a week to Christmas and instead of celebrating many families will be mourning, held back in depression and drowned in grief .

let us all pray that those families overcome their loss and will be healed in a matter of time .

God had created humans to be kind and to love one another , but people like the man who is responsible for these kids death who in the end shot himself too , are a disgrace and do not deserve to live.

Those parents are still waiting for their kids bodies to be returned .

May God bless all the dear children on earth and who have now joined him in his tender care.


Choosing books

There are millions of books in the world but its really hard to choose just the right book that suits your style of reading.

so these are my top tips which will come in handy if you ever come to a situation like that .

  • Take the first book that catches your eye ( don’t hesitate ) and look at the title to see what the book is mainly about .
  • If you have already chosen a book yet want to be 100% sure that it’s perfect , read the  first ( maximum ) three pages and if there are chapters then choose a chapter and read a few pages .
  • Either in a book store or library if you are interested in a specific genre then go to that section  And search for books .
  • Never be afraid to read a new genre of books and its ok to experiment on books.

Here are some recommended genres …….

  • Non – fiction
  • fiction
  • literature
  • romance
  • comedy
  • horror 

And many more …..

You can also get books online and most of the tips I suggested can be applied there too and I recommend Scholastic books which has a variety of choices .

One more thing , no matter what problem you have just grab your favourite book and start  reading , which can help you get through anything .

Sorry about not writing for the last  couple of days to those of you who read my posts .





True happiness

I felt the most unexpected emotion today , which surprised me .

My school had an OAP ( old age pensioners ) tea party and it felt absolutely wonderful to sing Christmas carols to all of those elderly men and woman !!!

Once the performance was over some of my friends and I got an opportunity  to talk to them and serve them tea as they complimented on our performance.

As I was letting some woman know that snacks will be served shortly an old man beckoned me forward and told me ………..   ” Your school years will be your most happiest years so remember them because when you are my age you will think back to your school years.” Were his exact words and to tell you the truth that was some of the best advise I’ve ever heard .

Another old man was very kind and told me all about his school years and when I said that I hoped he would come again next year the words he said really almost made me cry and this is what he said ” That is if I live till next year .”

A ninety six year old woman won the raffle prize and I was told that next week is her birthday so i wished her an advanced happy birthday and when she smiled her mouth stretched across her old wrinkly face .

what I learned today from those three elderly people , was that never underestimate old people and true happiness comes from helping someone .



Although its Friday today’s topic is slightly different …….

If you could go to one place in the whole world RIGHT NOW , where would it be ?

Just a question to start you off.

Anyway , there are so many different places in the world , have you ever thought of a place more popular than an other for a specific reason ???

Like France , do tourists merely visit France to see the Eiffel Tower?

Or like Switzerland , is it popular for it scenery and mountains or for snow related games ??

Even Italy , does it attract lots of people because of its culture or famous buildings ???



Whatever the reasons are a place will always be known for its own rich history no matter what tourists think .


By the way , I’ve been to all three of the places I mentioned and these pics were taken by me on my trip !!!!




Be GREEN during Christmas

My brain feels so crowded with all different sorts of info !!!

Some say helping the environment will make you a better person and some people’s cases its true.

There is nothing better than being outside starting a vegetable garden and showing your gratitude to Mother Earth, except that it will be freezing cold outside and instead of enjoying the moment you will be regretting it .

But there are other ways to care for our planet and environment besides the formal and traditional way ,like ……

    Donating some money to charities who fund endangered plants or RE-USE, REDUCE and RECYCLE .

You can also simply by a plant of your choice and keep it growing.

Just some simple suggestionsImageand don’t think just because  it’s Christmas  that it doesn’t apply here too  , the environment can also be linked to Christmas ……….

You can get someone a plant as a present , it can be a flower or it can grow vegetables .

Remember the colour green is a part of Christmas so ……….

                GO GREEN !!!!!!!!





Was my parents evening and of course I knew I would get a good report.
I was helping my friends sell books and made some good sales , but enough about me for today.

Sadly winter has knocked on our front door and although not invited it still came.
Every morning , the trees stand bare and lifeless, desperately waiting for some sunlight or warmth.
When you first step out of the house , that first spine tingling chill sent down your body , wakes you up.

The signs of winter.

No need of snow to represent true Winter ……..


I am just starting out

Hey everyone,

This is my first post which is exiting and both scary !!!!!!
Anyway, my blog is going to be about……. Of course ME and all the things you and I see around us.

Now, it’s 20 days till Christmas so those of you who have advent calendars , don’t worry just 20 more days!!!!
It’s probably about time that you guys start practising your Christmas carols , the little ones start writing letters to Santa Claus (father Christmas , or pier Noel) and mums and dads start Christmas shopping , so keep calm and carry on with the daily routine , just add a little holiday spirit into your mood !!!!

If you would like to share your thoughts on my posts , don’t hesitate to leave a comment .