Be GREEN during Christmas

My brain feels so crowded with all different sorts of info !!!

Some say helping the environment will make you a better person and some people’s cases its true.

There is nothing better than being outside starting a vegetable garden and showing your gratitude to Mother Earth, except that it will be freezing cold outside and instead of enjoying the moment you will be regretting it .

But there are other ways to care for our planet and environment besides the formal and traditional way ,like ……

    Donating some money to charities who fund endangered plants or RE-USE, REDUCE and RECYCLE .

You can also simply by a plant of your choice and keep it growing.

Just some simple suggestionsImageand don’t think just because  it’s Christmas  that it doesn’t apply here too  , the environment can also be linked to Christmas ……….

You can get someone a plant as a present , it can be a flower or it can grow vegetables .

Remember the colour green is a part of Christmas so ……….

                GO GREEN !!!!!!!!




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