True happiness

I felt the most unexpected emotion today , which surprised me .

My school had an OAP ( old age pensioners ) tea party and it felt absolutely wonderful to sing Christmas carols to all of those elderly men and woman !!!

Once the performance was over some of my friends and I got an opportunity  to talk to them and serve them tea as they complimented on our performance.

As I was letting some woman know that snacks will be served shortly an old man beckoned me forward and told me ………..   ” Your school years will be your most happiest years so remember them because when you are my age you will think back to your school years.” Were his exact words and to tell you the truth that was some of the best advise I’ve ever heard .

Another old man was very kind and told me all about his school years and when I said that I hoped he would come again next year the words he said really almost made me cry and this is what he said ” That is if I live till next year .”

A ninety six year old woman won the raffle prize and I was told that next week is her birthday so i wished her an advanced happy birthday and when she smiled her mouth stretched across her old wrinkly face .

what I learned today from those three elderly people , was that never underestimate old people and true happiness comes from helping someone .



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