Choosing books

There are millions of books in the world but its really hard to choose just the right book that suits your style of reading.

so these are my top tips which will come in handy if you ever come to a situation like that .

  • Take the first book that catches your eye ( don’t hesitate ) and look at the title to see what the book is mainly about .
  • If you have already chosen a book yet want to be 100% sure that it’s perfect , read the  first ( maximum ) three pages and if there are chapters then choose a chapter and read a few pages .
  • Either in a book store or library if you are interested in a specific genre then go to that section  And search for books .
  • Never be afraid to read a new genre of books and its ok to experiment on books.

Here are some recommended genres …….

  • Non – fiction
  • fiction
  • literature
  • romance
  • comedy
  • horror 

And many more …..

You can also get books online and most of the tips I suggested can be applied there too and I recommend Scholastic books which has a variety of choices .

One more thing , no matter what problem you have just grab your favourite book and start  reading , which can help you get through anything .

Sorry about not writing for the last  couple of days to those of you who read my posts .






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