I am sure most of you have heard the news that in Newton , Conneticut , USA in school called Sandy Hook elementary school 20 children and 6 adults were shot dead.

Right  now in USA it’s a very big matter yet it’s not the first of its kind.      

President Obama says that most of the victims were between 5-10 years old .

Although I am at home watching this horror on TV , I still feel as if I am there, stuck in the crime scene.

Just imagine , all those vulnerable children , starting of their day, only to hear gunshots and for some children that was their last moment.

Parents of those 20 dead children waiting outside of school only to find a police officer telling them their precious children were shot dead.

But even the surviving children were scared and the moment their teachers lead them outside their mothers and fathers full heartedly embraced them fear resembling to their children’s .

Nearly a week to Christmas and instead of celebrating many families will be mourning, held back in depression and drowned in grief .

let us all pray that those families overcome their loss and will be healed in a matter of time .

God had created humans to be kind and to love one another , but people like the man who is responsible for these kids death who in the end shot himself too , are a disgrace and do not deserve to live.

Those parents are still waiting for their kids bodies to be returned .

May God bless all the dear children on earth and who have now joined him in his tender care.



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