I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas or at least those of you that celebrated Christmas .

When you received the presents that you wanted did you even have that single thought of saying thank you or at least appreciating them ?

But the truth is you get more happiness when you give instead of receive something .

Anyway , as you all know today is Boxing Day and lots of people , including me , have gone out shopping as all the shops and stores are putting sale items in stock or reducing prices on current items.

As my family and I set out we thought our journey would only last an our or so but we were wrong .
To our surprise it lasted four and a half hours due to the traffic !!!

While I waited in my car , moving a couple of inches every minute or so, I thought about a very famous phrase , ” patience is virtue ”
I wondered if for my patience I would be rewarded in some way .

And it turns out that I was , for I had a magnificent time !

So if you have patience and can take the endurance , then you should know that in the end there will be a reward , but you must be worthy of the reward and must not do it for the reward.

Remember , “Patience is virtue ”



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