Today I saw the wonders of snow .
It snowed continuously , in a matter of minutes ,a blanket of sheer white covered the surrounding landscape gracefully .  
I thought my eyes were deceiving me ,as all I could see was a vision of silky white .
The elegant Christmas feeling returned upon many ,including me  .
The snow was smooth , delicate , yet gripped many people’s attention .
Pure joy spread across , crossing the distance.
The intricate pattern embroidered  on each withering snowflake , detailed very carefully by Mother Nature looked so beautiful , that only true eyes can take notice .


I went  to watch a movie today at 10 in the morning .
When I came home I started thinking about when I was little .
I used to be delusional , I wondered how actresses and actors sang songs , how they would change their clothes in less than a nano second and if the villains would get hurt when they got hit .
In my childish brain I thought all the things that happened in a movie were real and that those things would happen in real life .
Now I know that all that stuff is fake, that the villains don’t really get hit, the actors and actresses don’t sing the songs , that the movie is done shot by shot and edited together and finally that everything in the movie is fictional and won’t happen in real life.
But the mere thought that it was real , when I was little , changed me.
I became more creative , thoughtful , curious and willing.
The movie itself was inspiring , the songs with their dance choreography , the fighting was thrilling , suspense that was created surprised me.
Even though I now know that it’s  not real , every time I watch a new movie it still makes me feel curious.
 It’s ok to feel curious .


Change is not the best feeling . It’s something that we can’t do anything about . Sometimes it’s for the best , but other times its for the worst.
I chose to write about this topic because I myself  have experienced quite  a lot of changes in my life and tomorrow I am going to face a change that I don’t even want to think about . It’s not as bad as you all think , I am having a new teacher that’s all , but to me it’s a very big thing and to my whole class too.

I remember when our teacher herself told us that she was leaving , it took a second to absorb it in but no sooner did I and every one else  in my class burst into tears .
We all cried,weeped and sobbed ,expressing sadness in any  way we could. We weren’t feeling sad we were feeling melancholy ( deeply sad).

Now we are having a new teacher , a lady who we’ve only met once yet already hate so much.
I am scared , nervous, anxious and keep reminding myself to be brave and think positive .I might end up liking her but our old teacher can’t be replaced. I know that change is good and bad, but the thing is ,you’re just going to have to be brave and see the good side  . 
I hope if my old teacher is reading this , that she knows that we always think of her and miss her . 

Change is not always for the best .

Thoughtful AJ 

A New Year

I wish every one a happy and gleeful new year and I hope every one has welcomed the new year in a special way .

2012 was a very entertaining year ,that made us sit on the edge of our seats ,due to the out burst that all the events around the world have had an impact on us.

To begin with , the Olympics and Paralympics which were held in London and were excellently choreographed to please and satisfy the crowd .

The USA presidential election , in which Mitt Romney and Barack Obama , the former president , competed in , only to have Barack Obama re-elected as the president .

Disney Land Paris celebrated its 20th anniversary , which included magical yet innovative performances , shows and much more .

Many other absolutely amazing things have happened around the world in 2012 , but a year is not filled with only good experiences …………… bad ones are also took part this year.

A major catastrophe , created by Mother Nature , took place in the USA , a storm , Super Storm Sandy , the storm that destroyed anything that stood before its path , an unstoppable force which put many lives in danger.

Terrorism , brewed up in Egypt this winter , partly due to politics , it also killed many but scarred others.

Since 2011 rumour has spread that the ancient Mayans have predicted that the world will end on December 21st 2012 but as much as the rumour had many believed it didn’t fool others . Eventually it became so strong that scientists , astronomers and archaeologists decided to look into it . On the 21st everyone waited but to our relief the world didn’t end and we are now reassured by experts that the world won’t end for another billion years.

A new year has commenced and we have plenty to look forward to , good things , sad things , adventures , bad things , unexpected things and even unwanted things .

Our memories of 2012 will always be there to remind us of this spectacular year.