Change is not the best feeling . It’s something that we can’t do anything about . Sometimes it’s for the best , but other times its for the worst.
I chose to write about this topic because I myself  have experienced quite  a lot of changes in my life and tomorrow I am going to face a change that I don’t even want to think about . It’s not as bad as you all think , I am having a new teacher that’s all , but to me it’s a very big thing and to my whole class too.

I remember when our teacher herself told us that she was leaving , it took a second to absorb it in but no sooner did I and every one else  in my class burst into tears .
We all cried,weeped and sobbed ,expressing sadness in any  way we could. We weren’t feeling sad we were feeling melancholy ( deeply sad).

Now we are having a new teacher , a lady who we’ve only met once yet already hate so much.
I am scared , nervous, anxious and keep reminding myself to be brave and think positive .I might end up liking her but our old teacher can’t be replaced. I know that change is good and bad, but the thing is ,you’re just going to have to be brave and see the good side  . 
I hope if my old teacher is reading this , that she knows that we always think of her and miss her . 

Change is not always for the best .

Thoughtful AJ 


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