I went  to watch a movie today at 10 in the morning .
When I came home I started thinking about when I was little .
I used to be delusional , I wondered how actresses and actors sang songs , how they would change their clothes in less than a nano second and if the villains would get hurt when they got hit .
In my childish brain I thought all the things that happened in a movie were real and that those things would happen in real life .
Now I know that all that stuff is fake, that the villains don’t really get hit, the actors and actresses don’t sing the songs , that the movie is done shot by shot and edited together and finally that everything in the movie is fictional and won’t happen in real life.
But the mere thought that it was real , when I was little , changed me.
I became more creative , thoughtful , curious and willing.
The movie itself was inspiring , the songs with their dance choreography , the fighting was thrilling , suspense that was created surprised me.
Even though I now know that it’s  not real , every time I watch a new movie it still makes me feel curious.
 It’s ok to feel curious .

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