A true friend is someone who likes you for you.
Someone who you can rely on no matter what .
Most of us , including me, are lucky enough to find that true friend in some.
I would just like to say that I am really thankful  to have these friends , Joana , Kashvi , Sanju , Caitlin , Namru and so many others.
I know that everyone of them will look out for me just like I do for them.
We each have had our sad moments , funny moments, embarrassing moments and happy moments but we shared those moments as friends together .
When you find a friend it won’t matter at the time whether they like this colour or watch that TV show   , if you are meant to be friends with them it will feel as if you have known each other forever , it will feel natural.
Don’t take them for granted , now you may think that I sound like your parents but in what I say lies a truth that you and I both know .
You may only find one true friend, or like me you may be lucky enough to have lots of them .
                                                     BE THERE FOR THEM 
THANKFUL for my spectacular friends 

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