Girly or Tomboy

This article is mostly aimed at girls .

From the age of 10 (sometimes earlier) girls start the obsession with beauty and I should know. If your an only child like me you’ll see that your pampered more but that’s not the subject. When you hear a song about a pretty girl we get all flattered and think the song is meant for us , that’s what you would call a girly girl.

But you always participate in sports , you’re a bit geeky , and on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you describe your social life, if you got a minus number then that’s what you would call a tomboy .
Don’t start panicking if you don’t know which one you are . 😥😥😥

Here is a quiz for you to find out : 

1. If you could take only one thing to a deserted island would it be :
A. Your makeup 
B. Your computer
C. Some paper and pencils 


2. What do you usually do on a weekend :
A. Go to the mall with friends 
B. Finish homework 
C. Stay at home and watch TV 

3. You over hear someone say there is a sale somewhere , you say :
A. ” What shop and where ?!?!?” 
B. “Who cares ?”
C. “Why are we talking about this ?”

4. It’s your sixteenth birthday , you would celebrate it :
A. All out ,with the glitz , glam , limos and puffy dress
B. With some friends in my basement
C. Somehow 

5. When you are older you think you should be :
A. A model or actress 
B. A therapist or an environmentalist 
C. I don’t know 

If you answered mostly :
A : You are a total girly girl but don’t be afraid if you rather go shopping than play a
video game ☺☺☺

B: A tomboy is what you are and hey, there is nothing wrong in not having a social
life 😛

C: You’re safe because you don’t mind being who you are and don’t really go into a
category 😄

Sorry boys ( who are reading my blog ) I know this is not a topic you can relate to but look out 👀 for my next post 👍



Twas the day after my birthday when all through the apartment ,
Everyone was cleaning , sniffing the cake scent .
The decorations were pulled down off the walls in despair ,
Looking at all of the wreck ,we simply didn’t care.
I was perched on the sofa , comfortable as ever ,
Never again would I do this, never no never .
Mummy cleaning the floor and daddy the walls ,
We saw all the food that could serve a dozen food stalls.
When on the door I heard a tap,
Who was it now , I put on my thinking cap.
Towards the door I scurried away ,
Why would anyone come , it’s not even my birthday .
Maybe it was a mistake or so I hope ,
But of course with my luck in an instant I knew nope .
I thought of all the possibilities ,
As I sat down by the door on my knees .
Each person I counted , one by one,
It was getting late , you couldn’t even see the sun .
Frustrated , I sighed,
This was way to much , I almost wanted to cry.
Should I just ignore this , yes that’s what I’ll do,
But what if its important , I know that it’s true.
Having another argument , it was hard to decide,
You know what , just forget it , with mummy I would confide.
To mummy I went to tell her my find,
She listened to it all , maybe she saw inside my mind .
I waited for a solution, she should have one for sure ,
Most of her ideas were good , clear yet pure.
We both walked back to the door ,
But when we got there she just stood there , I didn’t know what for.
Oh I should have just opened it when I could ,
I got sick of it , I just knew I should.
How angry I felt , from my head to my toes,
My whole body twitched , even my nose.
I was about to undo the lock,
Just when I heard another knock.
This time daddy came down to see the commotion ,
Suddenly I just stood there , on me was a freeze potion.
My hand was still holding the knob,
But for some reason my eyes could only see a little blob.
I opened the door at last,
My eyes were searching the empty space that lie in front of me, vast.
I jumped to the conclusion that this was a joke,
Disappointed  I  felt as if my heart  just broke .
I didn’t see anyone there,
But what I did see was a present , that made me stare.
Who could it be , I tried to peer ,
Maybe the birthday fairy I hope she comes next year .
I was inspired by the famous poem ‘TWAS THE NIGHT BEFRE CHRISTMAS by Clement Clarke Moore .