This week I’ve had Sats.
I’ve noticed the behaviour of students while the duration of some tests and the way they act is very fascinating , a common reaction to exams. I thought that it was so peculiar that it had to be shared with you, my audience………..
The chatter slowly faded until the silence abducted the atmosphere.  As the test began , what  seemed to be a cheerful surrounding ,suddenly turned into a hazardous desert full of challenging tasks . Some pens sprinted across the page vigorously leaving ink splodges  , others were tapped against the  table to express a sign of uncertainty , while some pencil scribbles were followed by the the squeak of rubbers. Many fidgeted every few minutes, hoping the answer will somehow come to them . Tiny beads of sweat appeared, giving away the frustration and anxiety . In the  background , the ticktock of the clock emphasised how much time there was left . Till the final second, they’re eyes didn’t leave the sheet. Finally, with a sigh of relief they put down their pens and regained their confidence .
That was my description of the scene that took place during one of the tests , written like a story to create a clearer image in your heads .  Though I noticed my classmates reactions , I didn’t realise that I , too, was doing many similar actions. Under a great deal  of pressure ,anyone would react quite similarly  and though it is amusing we all must understand how they were feeling . I still have two more days of exams and if I notice anything else I’ll be sure to write about it.
Wish me good luck