The dress…

Hi everyone ,
    Today I’m writing my first fashion review on a dress designed by Isossy Children.
Isossy Children incorporate African, Asian and Western cultures to create contemporary clothing that all children can wear . The clothes are made from 100% cotton and silks.
When the soft cloth , used to make the dress, touches your skin it leaves a lingering smoothness behind . The exotic feel of the dress embedded into the fabric reminds me of the wondrous wild. In my mind a vision of the beauty of the jungle overpowers me while the dress clings to my body gracefully .
The cleverness of the designer is shown when looking at the delicate fringe on the skirt . The way the golden orange looks merged with the musky brown pattern and combined with the antique turquoise is like fireworks to the eyes.
Overall the dress is a masterpiece . Firstly created in the mind of the designer and by the end , it’s the reason behind true creativity and beauty.
If you would like to purchase this dress than you can visit

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