The sunshine

Hi everyone , 

I think you’ve all noticed that lately the weather has been nice , really nice . I’ve been waiting for this beautiful weather since December and I’m sure you have too . Now that the suns out  I feel very inspired , so inspired that I just had to write about it ………………… 
After  its long hibernation , the  glorious return of our beloved sun has arrived . As morning dawns upon us , the awaking sun takes its rightful place above us all .  It’s warmth spreads quickly as its light shines down on us . The thick winter-wear  ,that we have all been forced to wear for too long , is thrown aside now that the weather has picked up . Even nature is joyous that the sun is out once more .  Seeing how content we are makes the sun shine brighter .   Droplets of perspiration trickle down our forehead and cheek as the result of the suns heat .   Although its actually 149,600,000 kilometres away from our planet , it seems ever so close . As twilight approaches , the sun bids us farewell . At that time the sky is glazed  with purples , pinks and orange streaks scattered  across the sky as if it were an unfinished painting . The  canvas , the sky , balances the whole painting . Though  it will forever remain unfinished,  to us it is , and will always be , an unknown masters grand design . 
The weather this weekend is going to be spectacular once again so I hope you enjoy the sun .

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