Happy helpers :)


What’s up everyone,

Today is a holy day in my religion and I just came back from the temple feeling satisfied , proud and happily exhausted ……. Now I know you’re wondering why I feel these strange feelings after I’ve gotten back from the temple , well , it’s because I understand happiness . Let me explain from the beginning ……

When I rushed to the temple , I wasn’t exactly very happy spending my time praying and listening to religious chants and songs . As I sat there ,with my mom, trying to zone out the background , I came up with all the things I could’ve done instead of being there .

Eventually , I got pretty bored and went crawling back to …… My DAD . Who knew I was not one that got very involved in things related to religion ,he , as I expected took me outside .

Outside , some people , including my uncle (my dad’s brother) , were preparing the holy offerings to be served to the people once the rituals were finished . There I met a nice man ,who made funny remarks and was very wise . Another man (a family friend) that I knew , said that I could help them , the three of them put the food on plates and I handed them to people .

There is a saying in my religion that , when translated , if you are a helper to humans you are a helper to God .

So as I was giving the offerings to the devotees I felt a swell of pride , in a non selfish way , and happiness much greater than anything else.
If you read my post about True Happiness then you will know that it’s similar, but this time there is someone special behind this and that’s ……. My DAD

He is down to earth , generous , humble and much much MUCH more of a better human being than me and I totally admire him for that .
So a HUGE thank you to my super awesome Dad for making me realise and reminding me over and over and OVER again that being a good human , that helps others, is the key in making the world a better placed .




2 thoughts on “Happy helpers :)

  1. I TOTALLY agree!! True happiness doesn’t come from getting new stuff or material things, it comes from serving and giving.

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