Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday 🎁

Seasons greetings everyone ,

So , I was thinking about Christmas (what else is there to think about this time of year ?!?!) and how so many different kinds of traditions were added throughout time . This holiday is so popular that everyone celebrates Christmas in their own way .

Did you know that the reason we say and write ‘XMAS’ is because the ‘X’ is an abbreviation ( meaning short for ) for the word Christ,so if you put Christ and mas together you get Christmas .

But my absolute favourite thing about Christmas is ………… Santa Clause (aka Pier Noël , Father Christmas and Saint Nicholas ) !!!

I just love to wonder about the possibility of there being this jolly old man with a white beard , red suit and hat , a sleigh pulled by 8 magical reindeer plus one reindeer with a red nose that lights up , who lives in the North Pole creating toys all year round with the help of elves , checking a list of naughty and nice children twice ,comes through the chimneys and delivers presents to all the children of the world in one night….. Just imagine , how amazing would it be if there was such a person ???

For quite a while, I too was one of those little kids who actually believed he was real and would set out cookies and milk for him and carrots for his reindeer on the night of 24th of December . At that time everything felt MAGICAL and surreal . I’d wake up to find these amazing presents , the milk drank , the cookies eaten, the carrots munched , and a note specially written just for me .

I can never fake the wonder in my eyes and the warmth in my heart during this time of year , no matter how old I am …..

Have a ho-ho-ho holiday,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night ,

AJ 🎄



The Birthday Blog !



That’s right , today my blog becomes 1 Year Old !!!
I can’t believe it ! It seems like just yesterday I was writing my first post ; IM JUST STARTING OUT .
And to make it even more special , this post coincidentally happens to be my 30th post , so that means it’s special times TWO !!!

As I’m writing this , I’m ransacking my brain and looking for my idea drawer which happens to be empty when I looked inside ! I got it !
Today’s topic is ….. Blog ! Oh and by Blog I mean MY Blog !
I’m going to write about all the stuff that happened to me because of this blog .

Actually , having a blog itself is a really great thing and to be honest I wouldn’t even know what a blog is if it wasn’t for my mom . I love it when she says “I’M the one who told you blogs existed! I’M the one who told you about the opportunity to be a fashion reviewer ! I’m the one who suggested topics time and time again!” Thank you sooo much Mummy !!!

Another great thing that happened to me because of this blog is that I got to make some really cool blogging friends , like Sparkle from thirteenthsparkle , Louis from blametheblogger and Cerc from Cercalicious . I’m really glad that because of this blog I met some fantastic and unique new people 🙂

But sometimes there can’t always be sunshine and warmth . I’ve only had one bad experience with this blog . I’m not going to name this person but they didn’t like one of my posts and commented about it . When I read what they said I was in rage but more than that I was disappointed that someone didn’t like my blog . But everyone’s different , so I took it as criticism and tried to improve my writing .

All the things that came with this blog are a gift and I’m glad I’m a part of this blogging world.
Thanks to every single person who LOVES my blog as much as I do .
Don’t forget to wish my blog a very happy birthday !


AJ 🙂