The Birthday Blog !



That’s right , today my blog becomes 1 Year Old !!!
I can’t believe it ! It seems like just yesterday I was writing my first post ; IM JUST STARTING OUT .
And to make it even more special , this post coincidentally happens to be my 30th post , so that means it’s special times TWO !!!

As I’m writing this , I’m ransacking my brain and looking for my idea drawer which happens to be empty when I looked inside ! I got it !
Today’s topic is ….. Blog ! Oh and by Blog I mean MY Blog !
I’m going to write about all the stuff that happened to me because of this blog .

Actually , having a blog itself is a really great thing and to be honest I wouldn’t even know what a blog is if it wasn’t for my mom . I love it when she says “I’M the one who told you blogs existed! I’M the one who told you about the opportunity to be a fashion reviewer ! I’m the one who suggested topics time and time again!” Thank you sooo much Mummy !!!

Another great thing that happened to me because of this blog is that I got to make some really cool blogging friends , like Sparkle from thirteenthsparkle , Louis from blametheblogger and Cerc from Cercalicious . I’m really glad that because of this blog I met some fantastic and unique new people 🙂

But sometimes there can’t always be sunshine and warmth . I’ve only had one bad experience with this blog . I’m not going to name this person but they didn’t like one of my posts and commented about it . When I read what they said I was in rage but more than that I was disappointed that someone didn’t like my blog . But everyone’s different , so I took it as criticism and tried to improve my writing .

All the things that came with this blog are a gift and I’m glad I’m a part of this blogging world.
Thanks to every single person who LOVES my blog as much as I do .
Don’t forget to wish my blog a very happy birthday !


AJ 🙂


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