Rainy Days …..

Hi ,

Lately , it’s been raining a lot . I really didn’t preplan or prepare for this post , it just kind of came to me , like so many of my other posts . So here I am writing ……

I love the rain . The way it descends from the clouds slowly , or the way each droplet glistens and reflects what’s there. It comes like a fast unstoppable torrent , or drizzles softly creating a mild mist. I even love the chilling after-breeze which makes you shiver slightly but becomes refreshing and pleasant . Rain , to me , seems like a wet and wonderful beauty. The fragrance of pureness and nature that is in the air after a shower is simply delightful . Damp trees and plants shine with ornate beads of rain . And when we walk outside , while it’s pouring rain , open our umbrellas in a feeble attempt to protect our clothes , valuables and also not tarnish our beauty , the instinctual urge to throw away our umbrellas , say who ‘who the hell cares ?!?!’ and just play in the rain for as long as we want , always remains .

Thanks to the Nature for giving us the rain 🙂

It looks it’s going to be a lot sunnier for the next few days 😦

But I’ll be waiting for the next downpour , and when it’s there I’ll be outside playing in the rain 🙂

Until then ,

AJ xxx

Oh and I hope u like the matching pic collage 🙂