The Power Of Family (And Technology) ……..

Hi all,

Last weekend my family and I had a group video chat. Now, some of you may be thinking ‘that’s pretty nice’ or ‘it seems pretty simple’ etc. Well, I have a pretty big family. My Dad is the oldest of 6 siblings. Plus we’re all scattered across the world. So when my aunt suggested that we do a group video chat on Google+ Hangouts , we were all up for it.

So thanks to my aunt and her amazing talent for organising and scheduling this chat,considering that all of us were in different time zones and had different priorities as well.

And everything went fine…… For about the first 10 minutes or so. My grandparents also had a tablet so they could join our group chat as well and it took some time and patience to explain it to them because , honestly, at their age technology is something they aren’t used to and aren’t very willing to accept into their everyday lives that easily.
So thanks to my uncle for being the calm , collective and cool person he is and instructing my grandparents perfectly.

Then we discovered another small problem. Although google+ hangouts allowed up to 10 people to video chat at the same time, the person who would talk or make a noise or sound was the one the screen shifted to. So with all of us blurting stuff out at the same time , the screens kept shifting and going crazy.
By then, being the smart, usually tech savvy family we were, the problem was easily solved and we took turns speaking.

But, some of my younger cousins weren’t exactly the type of kids who sat quietly and watched. They made noise. A LOT of noise. And that’s just the way I liked them.

Overall it was ……. Crazy.Different.A little Exhausting.Funny.Enjoyable.Sweet.Etc.

Though I shouldn’t really recommend Google+ Hangouts to anybody after going through all of that , I can’t help but say give it a try. Have a minimum of 4-5 people to do it with and see how it goes. Every few minutes you’ll learn something new about it and laugh while you do .

It’s an experience I’m glad I had and it was totally chaotic and humorous at the same time.
And I’m sure my family felt the same way .

I’ll be back with more funny but crazy tales from my
Diary of my Dysfunctional(you know i love you guys and I’m just teasing 😘) Family .

Till next time ;Image

AJ xxx