I-M-A-G-I-N-E …………..


Hey everyone , 

Today I’ve decided that the topic of this post should be Imagination ! 

Imagination is what your dreams are made off and how the power to wield creativity is born. This wondrous thing moulds our minds from a young age to see what’s not real and use our minds to create those surreal things. 

It’s the power to imagine that helps us all overcome the little things we fret over much to often.

Without imagination , the world wouldn’t be where it is right now and we wouldn’t have achieved anything if we hadn’t used the creativity in us. 

The gift to imagined is so valuable to us, and half the time, we don’t realise how much we rely on it in our every day life. 

Our ancestors didn’t have TVs,phones,iPads,Internet,computers etc to accompany them in times of mere loneliness, or distress, they had only each other and their imagination. 

Now, slowly technology is trying to overcome the power of imagination,not intentionally but the only way it can overcome it, is if we let it.

So, use your imagination and let it bring many more wonder to you, as it has me 🙂 


AJ xxx 





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