Take a bite of the Big Apple!

Hey everyone,

Today I want to write about New York. It’s such a ……..well metropolitan place, is really the only way it can be described.I love how so many movies and books are based in that beautiful yet modern city. There are so many different aspects to this one city, it’s quite remarkable. Also as Alicia Keys put it, NYC is a “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”.

I feel that one of the best times to go to New York is during Christmas time. The big shops have grand and unique window displays that even native New Yorkers marvel at time after time. A must do thing during that time is go ice skating at the Rink in Rockefeller Centre and maybe snap a selfie or two with the big Christmas tree there.

But NYC is great during all times of the year. Some of its biggest attractions are of course the Statue of Liberty, Coney Island, Central Park,Times Square,Brooklyn Bridge,Broadway,the list seems endless !!!

And like I said, so many books and movie settings are based in New York. Another reason I love it is because everyone thinks that it captures the true essence of a city life. Traffic every time of the day, colossal crowds of people pushing past each other on the streets to get to their destinations in time, the famous skyscrapers of NYC looming above everyone’s heads, tons of tourists during every time of the year hogging up the Big Apple’s major attractions, though the city itself is the biggest attraction.

If during the day it’s so busy, bustling and beautiful, you have to see how it is at night.
And the best way to see the entire city view is at the top of the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building has 103 floors, is located in Midtown Manhattan, is the second tallest building in New York and can give you a 360 degree view of the Big Apple.

The tallest building in New York is the One World Trade Centre, which has 104 floors, stands as the tallest building in the United States, tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and the fourth tallest building in the world at 541 metres( 1,776 feet).

So many awing things lie in the one city that is New York.

The image of New York that had been burned into my mind since I last visited it, keeps reminding me of my time there and how much I enjoyed the company of such an amazing city.

Till another city next time,



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