Wow, I can’t believe that on December 4th this blog reached its 2 year old mark! I’m so happy and exited about what’s yet to come!

So anyway, me and my family went on an early, one week vacation to New Zealand and just returned a few days ago. And in case you don’t know, NZ is basically best known for being the home of Bungee Jumping, well, that and also the Māori tribe,their rugby team the ‘All Blacks’, and the millions of sheep that reside there are a very famous too.

New Zealand is made up of two islands, the North Island and the South Island, bordered to the north by Cook Strait, to the west by the Tasman Sea and to the south and east by the Pacific Ocean.

We visited the South Island, or Te Waipounamu which is the official Māori name. Christchurch was the first city we explored and it’s the largest city in the South Island and the country’s third most populous urban area.

Though,rather unfortunately, an earthquake in September 2010 had significantly shaken up Christchurch. Nearly six months later, when the city had come near to picking up all its pieces, disaster striked again in February 2011 with another earthquake, leaving the city in tatters, more brutally than the previous one. A total of 185 people were mourned by the citizens of Christchurch.
Three years later and the city is still recovering, from all the damage done, both physically and emotionally.

But on a somewhat happier note, we then had a six hour drive ahead, through and in various mountain regions to arrive at Queenstown.

In the beginning of this post I mentioned how New Zealand is the home of Bungee Jumping, well to be even more clear Queenstown is the true home of this crazy thing considered a sport.

Not only can you bungee jump in this town, you have options to skydive, white water raft, paraglide, kayak, zip line, jet boat and much more.
Seriously, adventure awaits you every nook and cranny in Queenstown, just waiting to pounce on you and give a thrill you didn’t even know you wanted, or needed.

One of the adventurous things we did was go on a Shotover Jet ride on Shotover River, where the 360 spins done will leave you dizzy, the sudden turns and jerks of the jet boat will splash you, the speed will make the air slam in your face and the space between you and the Shotover Canyon walls will be just a mere three or four centimetres. It’s perfect for people, like me, who don’t want to do anything extreme but still want an adrenaline rush.

Besides all the crazy going on, when you look at the breathtaking mountains and lakes, the only thing you’ll feel is serenity.

And at almost all the local gift shops, you’ll find sheep skin furniture and amazing jewellery made from native gems and materials, like the Pāua shells, and also the Māori symbols with their meanings which are incorporated into many of the merchandise.

Overall it was a pretty good trip as I felt peaceful, happy, active, energetic and mostly positive while on this trip, not including my crazy spikes of adrenaline that popped up sometimes, but that was inevitable considering I was basically in the land excitement, as I like to call it.

AJ xo