5 Tips About Life from a Teenager to Teenagers……

The title says it all so straight into the post.

1)Lead your own life but let others guide you.
Us teenagers are at a stage in our lives where we want to control everything as much as possible, though in reality we actually can’t. We ache for freedom and equality to our superiors, and the need to do what our mind and heart wants is prominent. But your freedom and thoughts could help you achieve something, or could take a turn for the worse, if you choose to abuse them. That’s why, still keeping your own ideas and morals, let those with more experience help you. That doesn’t mean you have to take their advice and help but just take a chance and listen,because you never know who’s words are going to be your turning point or lightbulb moment. Besides you have your entire life ahead of you to lead so what’s the hurry?

2)Don’t always go with the flow
Be your own person. The cold hard truth is that you’ll always be judged. Parents just say you won’t because they’re your parents , they try to encourage you, and try to create a false world around you,with good intentions of keeping you safe from the real world, emphasis on try. But anyway, you decide whether or not you’re actually going to let others judge you.Teens are easily influenced by others, and that’s one heck of a problem. By worrying about fitting in and pleasing everyone else, you’re forgetting to do one teeny tiny major thing: be you! And the real you is not the person you are with friends, not the person you are with family, but the person you are when nobody is there,and it’s just you in your room, away and alone from the prying eyes of reality.

3)There’s always another chance
We teenagers break down as easily as we get right back up, and despite knowing this deep down, we often don’t want to realise that we ourselves are our biggest fear, enemy and bully. Not all teens are like that but many are; blaming themselves for small things, and involuntarily corrupting their minds with false thoughts and assumptions about themselves. That kind of thing often leads to depression and/or anxiety and many other emotional problems. It’s kind of like being a perfectionist having a break down at others imperfection and blaming it on theirselves. The main point is, don’t be so hard on yourself, even if you do do something wrong, there are always second chances. you should never let one thing break you down, or else it makes it really hard for you to go on with life.

4)Put that phone down
Okay, so we all absolutely love our phones, especially us teens. Maybe I’m exaggerating but for many it’s about as important as oxygen is to us. We no longer live in the world of reality, but instead in social networking sites, youtube, music, gossip, friends etc, but that’s not a bad thing, I mean it’s all part of the trending teenage culture. But put down your phone, or any technology really for a few and see the world through your own eyes not through your iPhone. I personally love photography and the latest ‘selfie’ rage, but photos were invented so we could relive our memories when looking at them, but now when we look at photos there isn’t a memory to relive because we are too busy attempting to capture the memory to live it . So all I’m trying to say is that, the world deserves to be praised for its beauty by your eyes and mind, not a camera’s or by filters.

5)Let it go
Finally, I think we should stop trying to deny the simple pleasure of ourselves and reality. There isn’t time to worry about mistakes, and problems and imperfections. Life is far too small for all those minor details but it’s big enough for you to explore yourself. Once you waste that minute thinking about ifs and buts you’ll never be able to get it back and that means one less minute to indulge in your own life. Live in the moment and save your worries for later. Remember, *yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that why it’s called the ‘present’. So let yourself be free just long enough  to be a teenager, because once your an adult, life has it coming for ya.
AJ xo

*That’s a quote by Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda by the way.


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