The Road Trip: Part 3

And here is the final part!


So before heading back, we stopped at a place where my dad knew some people. There we met a few of my grandad’s old colleague, who recalled pleasant old times, and expressed their sorrow at my grandads passing. Among them was the son of one of those colleagues, one of my Dad’s childhood friends. He, his parents, his daughter and his older brother’s daughter lived in a small house, as one would when living in a rural area, but its size didn’t matter, especially when the people living there had such vast hearts. They were so welcoming and hospitable. Taking in the place they called home, I noticed that adorning the walls were many pictures of various ancestors and family, showing the importance and respect they had towards the past.

It was only a little later, after the conversation had delved a bit deeper besides the basics, that my dad’s friends mother mentioned with tears and grief evident in her eyes that her sons wife had died, very suddenly, little less than a year ago. After a moment of silence, we regained what little composure we could, what with the devastating words still hanging thick in the air, to try to offer whatever comfort and condolences, without prying.

Which was when we noticed the most vibrant and endearing little six year old, who didn’t know that her mother was gone. They’d told her she was in the hospital. It was truly heartbreaking, considering that her mother had been so young. My dad’s friend himself is not in good health either, nor does he have much stability with his job. I couldn’t express my feeling towards their situation, not while talking to the little girl and seeing the childish, heart melting smile on her face.

I’m now in the process of finding a way to help the little girl financially, so she can at least have a secure and bright future.

I suppose my trip ended on a somewhat sad note, but on the long ride back it made me ponder about a lot of things.

Thanks to the readers of this post or should I say posts, for taking the time to read about my trip that unknowingly spanned three posts. So that was my road trip summed up. It wasn’t at all what I expected, but something different and great all the same.

-AJ xo


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