I-M-A-G-I-N-E …………..


Hey everyone , 

Today I’ve decided that the topic of this post should be Imagination ! 

Imagination is what your dreams are made off and how the power to wield creativity is born. This wondrous thing moulds our minds from a young age to see what’s not real and use our minds to create those surreal things. 

It’s the power to imagine that helps us all overcome the little things we fret over much to often.

Without imagination , the world wouldn’t be where it is right now and we wouldn’t have achieved anything if we hadn’t used the creativity in us. 

The gift to imagined is so valuable to us, and half the time, we don’t realise how much we rely on it in our every day life. 

Our ancestors didn’t have TVs,phones,iPads,Internet,computers etc to accompany them in times of mere loneliness, or distress, they had only each other and their imagination. 

Now, slowly technology is trying to overcome the power of imagination,not intentionally but the only way it can overcome it, is if we let it.

So, use your imagination and let it bring many more wonder to you, as it has me 🙂 


AJ xxx 





The Power Of Family (And Technology) ……..

Hi all,

Last weekend my family and I had a group video chat. Now, some of you may be thinking ‘that’s pretty nice’ or ‘it seems pretty simple’ etc. Well, I have a pretty big family. My Dad is the oldest of 6 siblings. Plus we’re all scattered across the world. So when my aunt suggested that we do a group video chat on Google+ Hangouts , we were all up for it.

So thanks to my aunt and her amazing talent for organising and scheduling this chat,considering that all of us were in different time zones and had different priorities as well.

And everything went fine…… For about the first 10 minutes or so. My grandparents also had a tablet so they could join our group chat as well and it took some time and patience to explain it to them because , honestly, at their age technology is something they aren’t used to and aren’t very willing to accept into their everyday lives that easily.
So thanks to my uncle for being the calm , collective and cool person he is and instructing my grandparents perfectly.

Then we discovered another small problem. Although google+ hangouts allowed up to 10 people to video chat at the same time, the person who would talk or make a noise or sound was the one the screen shifted to. So with all of us blurting stuff out at the same time , the screens kept shifting and going crazy.
By then, being the smart, usually tech savvy family we were, the problem was easily solved and we took turns speaking.

But, some of my younger cousins weren’t exactly the type of kids who sat quietly and watched. They made noise. A LOT of noise. And that’s just the way I liked them.

Overall it was ……. Crazy.Different.A little Exhausting.Funny.Enjoyable.Sweet.Etc.

Though I shouldn’t really recommend Google+ Hangouts to anybody after going through all of that , I can’t help but say give it a try. Have a minimum of 4-5 people to do it with and see how it goes. Every few minutes you’ll learn something new about it and laugh while you do .

It’s an experience I’m glad I had and it was totally chaotic and humorous at the same time.
And I’m sure my family felt the same way .

I’ll be back with more funny but crazy tales from my
Diary of my Dysfunctional(you know i love you guys and I’m just teasing 😘) Family .

Till next time ;Image

AJ xxx

Rainy Days …..

Hi ,

Lately , it’s been raining a lot . I really didn’t preplan or prepare for this post , it just kind of came to me , like so many of my other posts . So here I am writing ……

I love the rain . The way it descends from the clouds slowly , or the way each droplet glistens and reflects what’s there. It comes like a fast unstoppable torrent , or drizzles softly creating a mild mist. I even love the chilling after-breeze which makes you shiver slightly but becomes refreshing and pleasant . Rain , to me , seems like a wet and wonderful beauty. The fragrance of pureness and nature that is in the air after a shower is simply delightful . Damp trees and plants shine with ornate beads of rain . And when we walk outside , while it’s pouring rain , open our umbrellas in a feeble attempt to protect our clothes , valuables and also not tarnish our beauty , the instinctual urge to throw away our umbrellas , say who ‘who the hell cares ?!?!’ and just play in the rain for as long as we want , always remains .

Thanks to the Nature for giving us the rain 🙂

It looks it’s going to be a lot sunnier for the next few days 😦

But I’ll be waiting for the next downpour , and when it’s there I’ll be outside playing in the rain 🙂

Until then ,

AJ xxx

Oh and I hope u like the matching pic collage 🙂 



We’ll Miss You 2013

I wish everyone a wondrous , spectacular and happy new year , hoping that all of you celebrated and welcomed the new year with joy.

2013 was very different to 2012 in a lot of ways, but it didn’t fail to keep us excited and surprised .

For a start , the birth of Prince George Louis Alexander had the world waiting and after this royal birth , our already beloved baby prince is on his way to stardom .

The new pope , Pope Francis , who was born in Argentina and is the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church , was elected this year .

Jennifer Lawrence managed to steal the Oscar Award for Best Actress 2013 for the movie Silver Linings Playbook .

Although there are many more amazing things that happened this year , some things that are not so amazing took place as well .

One of those things is the Death of Nelson Mandela , who served as the South African President from 1994 to 1999 . This unexpected loss which was announced on Tuesday December 5th , took its toll on all throughout the world . South Africa mourned for the death of their beloved leader , thought and known as a great human being .

2 million people were forced to be homeless when Super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and destroyed the lives of many innocent citizens .

The Syria Civil war is also another unfortunate incident that is still taking place , while the people of Syria are struggling to avoid it .

Fast & Furious star Paul Walker also sadly died in a car accident this year . The cast and crew of Fast & Furious will forever remember him .

But now , 2014 has begun and who knows what kind of adventures it has waiting for us all ……….

Once again have A Very Happy New Year , Good Luck for the Future and Enjoy 🙂


AJ xxx

Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday 🎁

Seasons greetings everyone ,

So , I was thinking about Christmas (what else is there to think about this time of year ?!?!) and how so many different kinds of traditions were added throughout time . This holiday is so popular that everyone celebrates Christmas in their own way .

Did you know that the reason we say and write ‘XMAS’ is because the ‘X’ is an abbreviation ( meaning short for ) for the word Christ,so if you put Christ and mas together you get Christmas .

But my absolute favourite thing about Christmas is ………… Santa Clause (aka Pier Noël , Father Christmas and Saint Nicholas ) !!!

I just love to wonder about the possibility of there being this jolly old man with a white beard , red suit and hat , a sleigh pulled by 8 magical reindeer plus one reindeer with a red nose that lights up , who lives in the North Pole creating toys all year round with the help of elves , checking a list of naughty and nice children twice ,comes through the chimneys and delivers presents to all the children of the world in one night….. Just imagine , how amazing would it be if there was such a person ???

For quite a while, I too was one of those little kids who actually believed he was real and would set out cookies and milk for him and carrots for his reindeer on the night of 24th of December . At that time everything felt MAGICAL and surreal . I’d wake up to find these amazing presents , the milk drank , the cookies eaten, the carrots munched , and a note specially written just for me .

I can never fake the wonder in my eyes and the warmth in my heart during this time of year , no matter how old I am …..

Have a ho-ho-ho holiday,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night ,

AJ 🎄


The Birthday Blog !



That’s right , today my blog becomes 1 Year Old !!!
I can’t believe it ! It seems like just yesterday I was writing my first post ; IM JUST STARTING OUT .
And to make it even more special , this post coincidentally happens to be my 30th post , so that means it’s special times TWO !!!

As I’m writing this , I’m ransacking my brain and looking for my idea drawer which happens to be empty when I looked inside ! I got it !
Today’s topic is ….. Blog ! Oh and by Blog I mean MY Blog !
I’m going to write about all the stuff that happened to me because of this blog .

Actually , having a blog itself is a really great thing and to be honest I wouldn’t even know what a blog is if it wasn’t for my mom . I love it when she says “I’M the one who told you blogs existed! I’M the one who told you about the opportunity to be a fashion reviewer ! I’m the one who suggested topics time and time again!” Thank you sooo much Mummy !!!

Another great thing that happened to me because of this blog is that I got to make some really cool blogging friends , like Sparkle from thirteenthsparkle , Louis from blametheblogger and Cerc from Cercalicious . I’m really glad that because of this blog I met some fantastic and unique new people 🙂

But sometimes there can’t always be sunshine and warmth . I’ve only had one bad experience with this blog . I’m not going to name this person but they didn’t like one of my posts and commented about it . When I read what they said I was in rage but more than that I was disappointed that someone didn’t like my blog . But everyone’s different , so I took it as criticism and tried to improve my writing .

All the things that came with this blog are a gift and I’m glad I’m a part of this blogging world.
Thanks to every single person who LOVES my blog as much as I do .
Don’t forget to wish my blog a very happy birthday !


AJ 🙂

I’m a Guest Poster :D

Hi Everyone , 

I got the wonderful opportunity to do a guest post for blametheblogger.wordpress.com !!!

Some more info about blametheblogger is that ,like my blogthis blog contains all sorts of different topics 🙂

Here is the link : http://blametheblogger.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/gravity/ 

Hope u guys like it and also do read some of the other posts on blametheblogger 🙂

You could also get the chance to do a guest post on blametheblogger !!!


Blogs Rocks !!! Oh and I did a movie review of Gravity, so here is the pic collage.


The Festival of Lights ….

Hello World ,

Just a few days ago , I celebrated a festival . It’s called …….. Dun dun dun (drum roll) …….. Diwali !!!

So for those of you who don’t exactly know what Diwali is or have heard of it but would like to know more , here is 5 cool facts for you guys :

1) Diwali also called Divali,Deepavali or the “festival of lights”, is a five-day Hindu festival which is one of the most important festivals of the year (for Hindus)and is celebrated in families by doing traditional activities together .

2) Diwali short for Deepavali means “row of lamps” when translated and involves
lighting small clay lamps filled with oil to show the victory of good against evil.

3) The lamps are kept on during the night and the house is cleaned, that is done in order to make the goddess Lakshmi feel welcome.

4) Firecrackers are burst because many believe that it wards off evil spirits.

5) Diwali is celebrated around the world, but particularly in countries with a big population of Hindus and Sikhs .

So this year , I got to get to experience the whole thing , starting from buying the firecrackers and ending with the clean up job 😛

It really was something special and , yes , I did chicken out when it came to the big , loud firecrackers but , I was ok in the end because the main thing is to come close with your family and enjoy 🙂

Now , I guess ,you guys know a little bit more about me …..

And that’s a pretty good thing 🙂

Hope you like the pic collage 😀



My Sparkling Pen Pal :D


Hi guys ,

This is is a quick post about my awesome new pen pal 😀

She’s Sparkle from Thirteenth Sparkle 🙂

Anyway I’ve been reading her blog for a while now and one of her posts especially caught my eye a few days ago so I decided to email her and that got us talking ……. She’s super understanding and relates to me very well. She’s also very artsy and has a a SPARKLE in her (wink,wink!) .

I just wanted to say that friendship can blossom at any time and in any way and I’m more than glad that I know someone as spectacular as sparkle …….



I’m sure you all would enjoy reading sparkles blog just as much as me so here’s the link : thirteenthsparkle.wordpress.com

Thanks a ton Sparkle !


Happy helpers :)


What’s up everyone,

Today is a holy day in my religion and I just came back from the temple feeling satisfied , proud and happily exhausted ……. Now I know you’re wondering why I feel these strange feelings after I’ve gotten back from the temple , well , it’s because I understand happiness . Let me explain from the beginning ……

When I rushed to the temple , I wasn’t exactly very happy spending my time praying and listening to religious chants and songs . As I sat there ,with my mom, trying to zone out the background , I came up with all the things I could’ve done instead of being there .

Eventually , I got pretty bored and went crawling back to …… My DAD . Who knew I was not one that got very involved in things related to religion ,he , as I expected took me outside .

Outside , some people , including my uncle (my dad’s brother) , were preparing the holy offerings to be served to the people once the rituals were finished . There I met a nice man ,who made funny remarks and was very wise . Another man (a family friend) that I knew , said that I could help them , the three of them put the food on plates and I handed them to people .

There is a saying in my religion that , when translated , if you are a helper to humans you are a helper to God .

So as I was giving the offerings to the devotees I felt a swell of pride , in a non selfish way , and happiness much greater than anything else.
If you read my post about True Happiness then you will know that it’s similar, but this time there is someone special behind this and that’s ……. My DAD

He is down to earth , generous , humble and much much MUCH more of a better human being than me and I totally admire him for that .
So a HUGE thank you to my super awesome Dad for making me realise and reminding me over and over and OVER again that being a good human , that helps others, is the key in making the world a better placed .